I’m the ideal holistic coach for teens and women ready to embrace and rebuild their Homemade Health.

Success Stories

Stacie’s holistic coaching changed my life. Her yoga mastery and compassionate guidance helped me conquer anxiety, gain self-confidence, and find inner peace. I’m forever grateful.

Sophia K. - San Francisco, CA

Stacie Kaye’s wisdom is a source of inspiration for me that motivated me to enhance my mental peace. Her teachings fostered my resilience, making me more self-aware and balanced. Her personal growth journey helped me alot.

Ethan J. - Chicago, IL

Stacie’s book became my lifeline during a tough breakup. Her mindfulness practices offered mental peace and a path to personal growth. I’m stronger and more self-aware, thanks to her.

Ava M. - New York, NY

As an educator, Stacie’s teachings allowed me to introduce yoga in my classroom. The impact on my students, Jake and Mia, was highly effective. Stacie’s empathy and compassion are contagious.

-Liam W. - Austin, TX

Stacie’s book connected my daughter and me. We begin a shared journey of personal growth through yoga. Her wisdom truly touched our lives.

– Michael W. - Miami, FL

Stacie’s yoga expertise created an atmosphere of peace and authenticity in my life. Her guidance and empathetic approach transformed me. I now embrace my unique self.

- Olivia B. - Boston, MA